(N) Fiskerjentas Norwegian Forest Cats


A 1-litter


8th.of February



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S2 litter


6th. of March 2018

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If you have questions about the kittens

you can send me an em@il

A kitten from (N) Fiskerjenta's


Will be sold with

* Health certificate

* Pedigree from NRR/FIFE

*Two vaccinations

*Bee dewormed


Kittens sold outside Norway will also have a passport and be vaccinated against Rabies


Prizes with all above included:

*Norway 8500 NOK

Sweeden and Denmark 9500 NOK


Other contries:


Females 1200 Euroes

Males 1400 Euroes



Kittens must be picked up in Norway. I must meet all buyers in person


To book a kitten a deposit is requered. If the buyer change his/her mind, the deposit will not be payed back