My cattery

(N) Fiskerjenta's

My cattery name is (N) Fiskerjenta's That means the fisher girl's belongins

I chose this cattery name, because I have always loved fishing and I am born with the astrological sign "Pieces"

I have always loved cats and when I was  young I had a longhaired housecat. The vet always told me he was a Norwegian forest cat, but I knew his mum was shorthaired and white :)

Well I did not know about Truls and his mum being shorthaired and white too, so I never showed him to judges

In 1988 I baught my first NFO, a black and white male named (N) Heljatos Iben.

In 1998 my second NFO and in 2001 I had my first litter.  My cattery has been on rest since 2005, due several reasons.Now I am ready to start with positive energy in a small scale.

This little kitten mooved in with a hostmum for my cattery in 2012

She is daughter of IC (N) Fiskerjenta's Sisik from my cattery

And 30th of December 2013 she had a litter of 8 kittens, one of the females

(N) Fiskerjenta's Juleglede

Mooved in with me