How is my new faith?

I think I am a soul

Everything that happens in life is agreed upon before I was born in this body

Life is a school

it is easy to forgive, when what has happened was agreed upon

I believe in the universe

I believe in the divine

I believe that the greatest of all is love

I think you have to love yourself to be able to love others

I believe that everyone is equally valuable

I think it is important to find your way back to your own soul

I believe that when one becomes aware of this, one finds peace within

Nothing happens against us, everything happens for us, to push us into what is meant to be. What one feels others do to us is only a mirror of how we do not love ourselves

But even if that is the case, you obviously need healing for the wounds caused by a bad upbringing. Much of the healing lies in the new faith, but prayer and conversations and meditations are also tools that are good

The summer of 2022 was very special for me, I met a person who struggled in the same way as me. This led me to choose to go deeper into spiritualism. After the summer and this meeting, I haven't had any problems with the eating disorder. I have regained my faith in life, and I have worked with wounds that I have struggled with all my life. I know there is a meaning. I feel the help from my inner self and the universe. I want to lift up my light so that others can see the light at the tunnel