the first place I went to for rehabilitation was Lyder Sagens gate. It was state. I got help here to get a job and we gave urine samples regularly. eventually I got help to get housing and a job. This was right after I had met the light, so I was still optimistic and was there not so long ago for urine tests and everything was fine, except for the eating disorder then, which they did not emphasize and was not visible. So I moved into my own apartment and went to work. It went well until it was a holiday when it cracked

But I hadn't forgotten the light. One day me and some friends from the community were out driving a car, and I got really scared. I folded my hands to say to myself. Jesus, if you stop this car now, I'm going to go to rehab. Well of course the car stopped. I got the people at Fyrlyset to call work when it was due to start after the holidays and tell them that I was unable to work. They from work picked me up in town, and I got to sleep with them until I got a place on P22

it was still a bit far-fetched to move away from everyone I knew. I remember having a terrible discussion with the leaders and saying that if you are saved you can be anywhere. Then I went to the room and said. Dear God, you who know me, give me a verse that I can show the leaders here. And I opened the Bible and read:

Micah 4:10

Twist and wail, daughter of Zion, like a woman in labor! For now you must go out of the city and live in the fields, and you will come straight to Babel. There you will be delivered, there the Lord will deliver you from the grip of your enemies.

Well then I capitulated and I came to the "victory of light" in Spydeberg

At Lysets Sier there was prayer and Bible reading and different things. I lived there for two years, but I did not recognize the light I had met. There was something missing, yet I knew I was supposed to be there. I remember praying in the evening. Dear God the decisions that are made here, let it be as you want, and what is not from you you must stop. It was unbelievable for me. I remember they wanted me to go to Bible school after I had been there, for example. But for me it wasn't right. I think one easily forgets that "the Lord's ways are unsearchable" why should everyone who has been to Christian rehab go to Bible school? Well, I started at teacher training school and became a kindergarten teacher and worked like this for almost 30 years. I stayed completely sober for 36 years, not so much as a glass of wine I indulged. But I never got rid of the eating disorder, so in a way you could say that I didn't really manage