Life is like a puzzle, and we keep finding new pieces as we go. As I have told on this page before, I have always been interested in religion and faith, and why we believe in exactly what we believe in. After I met the light, I was sure that this had to do with Jesus. That is what the believers in Norway believe in. And don't get me wrong. I still believe in Jesus, but not the Jesus that is preached about in Norwegian churches and congregations. I believe in Christ consciousness.

In 2012, I started thinking a lot about someone I had known in high school. A very nice guy through and through. Unfortunately, he chose to take his own life in the mid-nineties. The night he did it, I also thought a lot about him and for some reason I was not aware of, I prayed that he would not die before he had seen the light. The next day I heard that he had taken his own life then, but I had a kind of peace since I had prayed for him. But then, 16 years later, he came very strongly to my mind. My boss at work asked if I was okay, but I wasn't, so I told him about this and that I almost wanted to meet someone who channeled from the other side. As a Christian, this was not entirely tolerated, but at least I wanted it. This is how I came into contact with the spiritual environment. This was in 2012, exactly the year 2012 is actually a significant year for spiritual awakening, I learned later. Now when I look back I realize that this friend of mine is actually one of my helpers on the other side. I was happy when I entered the spiritual context. Now I am no longer afraid of hell, nor of friends or relatives ending up there. Life is a school, everything we experience here is agreed on a universal level for the soul to experience.

But I didn't realize at the very beginning that this wasn't just something with some psychic healers and clairvoyant stuff. I didn't take it into my life in the same way as Christianity and I stopped praying and things like that. Therefore, the pieces were left a bit loose and arbitrary and I didn't have the security I needed. It did not disappear overnight, but more imperceptibly, until 2022


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